Niacin-B Serum 30ml

Niacin-B SerumWhen the top layer of the skin is poorly hydrated, it appears dry, rough and flaky and unable to maintain skin barrier protective functions hence more vulnerable to damage from external and environmental aggressors leading to many skin conditions including dry skin, atopic dermatitis, acne and aged skin. Skin hydration is important because hydrated skin looks plumper, healthier and more vibrant.

Niacin-B Serum is a combination of powerful Antiaging and skin protecting ingredients that include Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Oats Extract Ceramide and Vitamin E.

Hyaluronic Acid is a strong hydrating ingredients that replenishes the skin’s moisture, plumps up the skin and smooths out the appearance of fine lines for youthful looking skin.

Niacinamide is agood anti-inflammatory anti-aging agent that has also been shown to play acritical role in managing and reducing hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Oat Active Extract is rich in Sterols, Ceramides, Free fatty acids and Phospholipids to enhance rapid absorption of beneficial molecules, giving an immediate effect of supplementing skin lipids, assisting in strengthening the dermis, preventing loss of elasticity and firmness while repairing damage. Phospholipids also trigger gene pathways to physiologically increase production of ceramides, thereby improving the integrity of the skin barrier.

Niacin-B Serum is a powerful combination that repairs, renews and protects the skin’s lipid barrier – helping to prevent and manage the signs of skin ageing.