Bennetts Lanolin/Lanolin free Nipple Cream

Bennetts® Nipple Cream used to ease soreness and cracking on the nipples. Apply Bennetts Nipple Cream® which contains D – Panthenol, Lanolin and Evening Primrose Oil which are known to have wonderful moisturising and healing properties. There is no need to wash off prior to breastfeeding. Use during pregnancy to prepare the skin for stretching and to alleviate itching.

  • Tested for mildness
  • Endorsed by a dermatologist
  • Contains LANOLIN-has moisturising and excellent healing properties.
  • Contains Evening Primrose Oil which had excellent moisturising properties.
  • Can be used before birth to prepare mother’s breasts for breast feeding.
  • Keeps mother’s nipples soft, moist and supple.
  • Does not need to be washed off before baby feeds.

Ingredients: Contains D-Panthenol, Lanolin and Evening Primrose Oil